V International Congress Synesthesia, Science & Art. 16th- 19th may 2015

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Back to the roots. The first congress, where synesthesia was discussed: Paris 1889

This year's International Congress Synesthesia, Science & Art in Spain marks the 5th anniversary of this meeting of synaesthesia researchers and artists, and so provides a good opportunity to describe the first conference where synesthesia was ever discussed. This happened in Paris in 1889, 125 years ago making this another landmark anniversary. The meeting was the first international congress of psychology worldwide and was organized by the French Society of Physiological Psychology, and it took place inside the Congrès international de psychologie et physiologie. Two hundred and four delegates came from 21 countries. One session was devoted to synesthesia. It included a roundtable event, and a committee of seven scientists was founded to develop ideas and also a questionnaire for further research. They were then to present these ideas at the following international congress of psychology, to be held in London in 1892. Today the session from 1889 is nearly forgotten. This paper will answer the following questions: Why was synesthesia included in this conference? Which aspects were discussed during the roundtable? Who were the members of the committee? What was their qualification to be involved in such a committee? What did the members of the committee contribute to research on synaesthesia before, during, and after the conference? What was the impact of the whole session for the history of research on synesthesia?
May 23, 09:06 GMT  
Joerg Jewanski Germany University Muenster  
Sean Day United States Department of English and Journalism, Trident Technical College, Charleston
Julia Simner United Kingdom Department of Psychology, University of Edinburgh
Jamie Ward United Kingdom School of Psychology, University of Essex, Brighton
Nicolas Rothen United Kingdom School of Psychology, University of Essex, Brighton


The Somato-sensorial Insight and the Integrated synesthetic perception

Gloria Bova. Psychologist and Psychotherapist. Management Supporter
Artist . -

Abstract : I present the results of a clinical and epistemological research involving more than 1,000 patients and a group of Italian-Swiss research. The research led to the formulation of a new model and method of treatment, ScInte Model, and a new theory of perception linked not to organic development but to evolution of consciousness of the human being. The perception of the world and of ourselves is totally conditioned by the existential state of consciousness in which we live. It is a vision which greatly simplifies the reading of the intrapsychic dynamics and interaction of man, distinguishing between three different states of consciousness, the State of primary or intact consciousness, the State of splitting consciousness and the State of integrated consciousness. Any behavior, thought and emotion can be attributed to one of the three. Through the Therapeutic Graphic Protocols is possible to induce a Insight that unlocks the person from cognitive and affective block of the State of split consciousness and allows the awareness therapeutic change. In the State of integrated consciousness we acquire an evolved perceptive ability, higher order, which is conscious, voluntary and repeatable: the Integrated Synesthetic Perception.

Keywords : Synesthesia, Psychotherapy, Perception, Synesthesic Induction, Synesthesic Language, Synesthesic or Somatosensorial Insight, Synesthosis, Awareness.

TITOLO: L' Insight Somatosensoriale e la Percezione sinestesica integrata

Abstract : presento il risultato di una ricerca clinica ed epistemologica che ha coinvolto oltre 1000 pazienti e un gruppo di ricerca italo-svizzero. La ricerca ha portato alla formulazione di un nuovo modello e metodo terapeutico, il Modello ScInte, e di una nuova teoria della percezione collegata allo sviluppo non organico ma evolutivo della coscienza dell'essere umano. La percezione del mondo e di noi stessi è totalmente condizionata dallo stato di coscienza esistenziale in cui viviamo. È una visione che semplifica enormemente la lettura delle dinamiche intrapsichiche e di interazione dell'uomo distinguendo tre diversi stati di coscienza, lo Stato di coscienza primario o integro , lo Stato di coscienza scisso e lo Stato di coscienza integrato . Ogni comportamento, pensiero e emozione sono ascrivibili a uno dei tre. Attraverso i Protocolli Grafici Terapeutici è possibile indurre un Insight che sblocca la persona dal blocco cognitivo e affettivo dello Stato di Coscienza Scisso e permette il cambiamento terapeutico consapevole. Nello Stato di Coscienza integrato si acquisisce una capacità percettiva evoluta, di ordine superiore, che è consapevole, volontaria e ripetibile: la Percezione Sinestesica Integrata.

Keywords : Synesthesia, Psychotherapy, Perception, Synesthesic Induction, Synesthesic Language, Synesthesic or Somatosensorial Insight, Synesthosis, Awareness.

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